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have a cecil in replacement of my bed time kisses


Do not waste your parents money or put yourself in debt going to college if you really do not want to go. It’s not for everyone. Just because society says it’s the right thing to do doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Save yourself some money and time. Find other alternatives.



I always find it so funny when people bitch about ‘forced diversity’.

because, like, once you work retail you start to see just how different everybody is.

for example, the other day I greeted a woman I was ringing up and started asking her the usual questions we’re supposed to ask (if they have a rewards card, etc) and she made a gesture pointing to her ear and mouthed ‘I’m deaf’. 

and I was just like ‘Oh’, and so I skipped over the questions and just gave her a nice smile instead of the usual schpiel we’re supposed to give. she thanked me in sign language and smiled back before walking away.

and that’s just one tiny example. she was just one customer of hundreds that shift. that’s not even mentioning all the other types of people I ring in a day, of all ages, body sizes, races/skin colors, and gender expression.

it’s like…that’s how the world is. 

when people say having diversity in a fictional universe seems ‘false’ or ‘forced’, that says to me that they must exist in a very homogenous, sheltered environment. because even working for a company that has a rather disproportionately-high white middle-class customer demographic, I still see more diversity on any given day than I tend to ever see in books and movies and TV shows.

it’s just kind of laughable to me when people say a movie/book/franchise has “too much” diversity. because there’s no such thing.

well stated.

RASHAAD MADE IT TO THE FINALE!!!! *throws confetti everywhere*

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Actually gonna cry if Rashaad goes home I hope you all know

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Rashaad’s werewolf is so perfect omg

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I need Rashaad to get this 3rd win tonight!

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